Kinemaster MOD Apk Download [Latest 2023]

A variety of video editing apps are there that help you bring 3D effects and transitions. Some work up to the user requirements, and others fail.

Because of overwhelming choices, it has become difficult for the person to choose which video editing app is suitable for him.

Here we have the Kinemaster MOD Apk for you to download. This app has become the number 1 trending video editing app for Android users so far.

App NameKinemaster MOD APK
PublisherKineMaster Corporation
GenreVideo Players & Editors
Size93 MB
Latest Version5.2.9.23390.GP
MOD InfoPro Unlocked
UpdateJune 11, 2022

Most importantly, this app plays a critical role in editing your videos in 4K format. Furthermore, it allows multi-layer video editing processes. Kinemaster is known for creating 3D effects, and 3D transitions as well.

You can also download the latest version of Kinemaster Pro Apk Without Watermark as well. This app shows no ads and none of the presence of the watermark. In its latest version, all its premium features are unlocked.

Download Kinemaster MOD Apk

Kinemaster MOD Apk is a modified version of the popular video editing app, Kinemaster.

Here To Download Kinemaster MOD Apk

Kinemaster MOD Apk is a modified version of the popular video editing app, Kinemaster. It offers premium features like no watermark, chroma key, and unlimited layers for free. This version is not available on the official app store and requires manual installation.

Kinemaster pro mod apk

Overview of Kinemaster MOD Apk

KineMaster is one of the professional and competitive Android video editor. It supports multi-layer videos and images and even backs multi-layer text editing functions.

For making multi-track audios, this tool is used. In addition, it has volume envelope controls and allows you to make 3D transitions without any watermark.

This app has become the most trustworthy and reliable video editing app. The life of Android users has seriously become more accessible with the arrival of this app. Now, editing videos have become a piece of cake for them.

These days, we see the general trend of making videos on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. In these situations, using a top-notch video editing app is a must. And here we have now the Kinemaster app for you.

Avoid using its old version and try to get your hands on its upgraded premium version. In addition, the premium version shows no ads and watermarks, and it is accompanied by all the needed and advanced features.

From this platform, you can download the latest and current version of this tool and start editing your videos professionally.

Thus, the latest version offers features like 1500 plus instant videos, intro maker. Besides, it offers YouTube templates, text animation, unique animated logos, creative Instagram templates, and exclusive Instagram stories.

Being an Android-free Video Editing App, it gives you pro-level control while you edit your videos. It is made for all professionals and amateurs. If you do not know about video editing, you should try out this.

With its assistance of it, you can learn and understand the basics of video editing with ease. Hence, it is time to perform dazzling video edits with the help of this editor. Furthermore, it allows motion tracking, as well as helps you make animated illustrations.

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Features of Kinemaster MOD Apk

Here we have itemized down all the vital features that are part of Kinemaster. Have a look at them and let us know if you have any questions:

Kinemaster APK pro

Chroma Key for changing the background of videos

It is the noticeable feature of the Kinemaster app, and it is termed as Chroma key. The purpose of using this particular feature is to modify the overall background of your videos. It is comparatively an advanced feature and is present in a few of the apps.

If you have seen Marvel movies, the interesting fact about them is that they use this Chroma key feature to edit their movie’s background. Upon altering the background, your simple and basic video gets the most professional look.

Note down that the chroma key used to be the significant party of PC software. But Kinemaster Pro has injected this feature into it.

Beyond that, big Hollywood movies use these Green Screen effects to replace and completely change the background. This feature is straightforward and also user-friendly to use.

Transition effects

A video slide looks fantastic and eye-catchy looking if 3D transitions are embedded in it! You can now accomplish this task with the help of Kinemaster pro.

Almost all Hollywood films use this feature to bring special 3D transition effects to their movies. In addition, these transition effects come in the form of wipe in, wipe out. You can quickly bring the effects like fade and dissolve.

Thus, transitions bring an extra spicy flavor to your videos. This app already has lots of ready-to-use transitions in it. You can choose any one of them!

3D Animation effects

Any video starts to look great if animation effects are embossed in it. This task is possible to do now all because of the Kinemaster Moded Apk. In this app, you can spot lots of unique and highly creative animation effects.

Moreover, the process to apply these effects in your videos is simple enough as well. If you feel like applying multiple animation effects, you can do so for sure. Besides, you can download more of the animation effects right from the app store.

Adding multiple layers in the videos

Kinemaster pro helps you add multiple numbers of layers to your videos. We mean to say that you can emboss lots of images and audio, and gifs to your video.

It is totally up to you how many animations and effects you want to inject into your video at one single time. Most certainly, this specific feature instantly brings a professional vibe to your video.

On the same note, it is easy to adjust the settings of these multiple layers. It is the user who is going to decide the size and timings of his chosen multiple layers. This feature helps us to understand the significance of making complex videos.

The overall complexity aspect of a video relies primarily on how many multiple layers are built in it! Previously, it was just impossible to create such complex videos, but Kinemaster pro has achieved this target.

Lastly, all items are displayed on your timeline. The more you add layers, the more these items shrink, and you can scroll them quickly to view each one.

View your videos while editing

The good part is that you can have a live preview of your videos while editing upon using the Kinemaster app. This way, you can get an idea of how the final look of your videos will come out to be while they are still there in the editing mode.

Furthermore, the Live preview feature allows you to edit your videos as many times as you want! This feature was impossible to witness in the past, and all thanks to Kinemaster pro, it has become achievable! It is without any hiccups that you can see this live preview.

Multi-track feature for bringing studio-like feel in your videos

Your whole video becomes more interesting once it gets accompanied by different songs and tracks. For the reason that Kinemaster Pro lets you add songs to your videos! No doubt, this is a beautiful feature that is hardly seen these days in other apps.

Most importantly, you can add up to 8 tracks to the video. Just use the multi-track feature and experience the vibe as if you are sitting in a studio. You can even combine these tracks and successfully bring a professional touch to your videos.

Kinemaster premium apk

Voice recording feature

In other apps, it is a must for the user to record audio separately. Using Kinemaster pro does not offer this hassle and inconvenience to its users. With its support of it, you are permissible to add a voice-over right from the Kinemaster pro app itself.

You only have to record the voice and inject it into your created video.

No ads are shown

If you are currently using the free app version of Kinemaster, note that ads are shown there. However, Kinemaster MOD does not show ads on it and that is the highlighting part of it. You can conveniently create and edit videos without any interference from ads.

No watermarks are shown

Kinemaster MOD Apk trait is another promising feature of its the best version. The users filed the common complaint that ads and watermarks bring disturbance in between their video editing tasks. That is why this version has no watermarks display feature in it.

Kinemaster Asset Store

If you are currently in the default state of Kinemaster, then it is time to upgrade your state! With the correct use of Kinemaster pro, you can up and instantly improve your video editing game. Most importantly, Kinemaster Asset Store houses a vast number of assets in it.

This store includes a varied number of effects and overlays. It has a wide range of transitions, music as well as fonts. Access this store and download any stuff from it.

Control Speed and essential editing tools

For controlling your video speed and keep on enjoying the use of essential editing tools., Kinemaster Pro is here for you. The control speed feature helps you change your video speed from slow to fast.

If you are using some older video editing apps, we are sure that this feature is not there. Furthermore, this app has user-friendly essential editing tools such as trim, split, and much more.

Simple interface

Lastly, a simple interface makes this video editor a friendly option for both beginners and experts. As millions of people use this great tool, its interface is not at all complicated to learn! So, do get the pro subscription of this tool and avail of features that come without a watermark.

We hope that you can create videos in the highest quality mode.

Download Kinemaster MOD Apk

Kinemaster MOD Apk is a modified version of the popular video editing app, Kinemaster. It offers premium features like no watermark, chroma key, and unlimited layers for free. This version is not available on the official app store and requires manual installation.

Why should you use Kinemaster MOD Apk

Below you can check out the prominent reasons and justifications regarding why you should use Kinemaster pro:

  • This one is a free and trendy video editing app. It is surrounded by all the desirable features to create a professional-looking and awesome video. Furthermore, adding 3-D transitions and cool animation effects between the video clips makes any video more awesome and exciting. Along with that, we have already identified to you that Kinemaster pro has Chroma Key and allows Multi-Layering.
  • The user is given extensive support for importing and exporting any of the project files. You are allowed to replace your media files in the timeline as well. No matter, whether these media files are present in the video format or photo format, you can replace them.
  • With the help of Kinemaster pro, you can download Premium assets and export all kinds of videos that have Premium assets. In addition, you can get in touch with their team for any support on animated GIF files.
  • Most noteworthy, it allows you to fine-tune the color scheme part of your videos. In other words, you can set the vibrancy, and temperature and also highlights the shadows of your videos. For color lifters, you should use the intensity slider feature of this app. Rest, Kinemaster pro permits you to slow down your video up to 1/8 speed.

How to Install and Download Kinemaster MOD Apk

Just click on the link and Kinemaster MOD Apk Download and the whole installation process will be carried out.

  1. The first step is to enable “Unknown Sources.” You need to Go to Settings and choose the tab of the security option. Hit on this option, and you will see that “Unknown Source” will get enabled.
  2. The second step is to open up the “Kinemaster” Apk file. Hit on the Install button.
  3. Wait for some time till the installation process gets completed.
  4. As soon as the process of installation is completed, you can now open the KineMaster Pro Apk.

The Future of Video Editing

We can say that Kinemaster pro has become the future of video editing. We have entered the digital world, and the need for such apps has become a significant necessity.

This app was launched in October 2013 only for Android users. And up till now, the craze of using this video editing app is going sky-rockets.

Kinemaster pro apk no watermark

Kinemaster pro has become the world’s leading and extensively used video editing app in less time.

Furthermore, it is beating its competitors like Adobe Premiere Rush and GoPro App each day. In the same way, Kinemaster is giving heavy competition to iMovie, and FilmoraGo.

The arrival of this video editing tool has encouraged people to make a quick transition to the digital world. Hence, this tool has made things 100x easier and become one of the noticeable pioneers in tasks related to video editing.


Is Kinemaster Pro free of cost?

Yes, Kinemaster Pro is free. It is now believed that this is a powerful video editing app. In addition, this app tends to make all kinds of complex and professional videos. You can download it free, and the user pays no charges.

How to download Kinemaster Pro on PC?

First of all, you have to download the BlueStacks latest version right there from its official website. Once you are going to install Bluestacks on your computer PC, let the setup process get completed.

The final step is to log in with your Google account and access this app from the Google Play Store.

Is KineMaster a good option for YouTube?

Yes, Kinemaster works great for the platforms like YouTube. As it is a renowned and extensively used video editing app,that is why it has become a top choice for YouTubers.

In fact, it has become a top choice for Instagrammers and TikTokers. These social media influences now make videos with ease and professionalism.

Final Verdict

Being the trendy video editing app, the popularity of Kinemaster Pro is going higher day by day. All fantastic features and qualities exist in it.

No hassle is seen while editing videos now! It is time to grab this Kinemaster MOD Apk Download file and use it to make super professional videos at your end.

In this current version, you have got the opportunity to use more of the premium filters and 3D transitions. No ads and watermarks are there.

Furthermore, all premium features and 4J video editing opportunity is given to the user. Besides, this video editing app supports a vast number of media formats.

You are permitted to export your video quality in any format like 1080p, 720p, or 480p. Keep tuned with us so that more informational content on other video editing apps can be shared with you.