Kinemaster Original Apk Download (Latest Version)

These days we are dependent in many ways on video content, whether it is studies, fashion, lifestyle, working, or anything else. There are videos available on everything. It has become the source of income for millions of people. So to make a pro video, what would be the essential tool you needed? It would be nothing but the Kinemaster Orignal Apk is one of the best.

Looking at this, video and photo editing tools have become the basic need of time. With time, the demand for quick and convenient editing tools has been increased. People edit their videos and images to make them look attractive according to their choice.

kinemaster apk download

Moreover, Bloggers, Youtubers, Instagrammers, and other Professionals cannot make videos without such editing tools. Many applications are available for editing videos and photos. Most of them do not give professional output, while some are pretty expensive and not easy to use for a beginner. Here is the good news we have the Kinemaster Pro Apk available to download and you can enjoy its premium features for free.

Kinemaster Apk

Considering beginners and professionals basic needs and convenience, we are here with the best, updated, and professional video and photo editor that is Kinemaster apk. At present, the app is among the Top Rating editing apps that are going ahead in competition because it provides unique, fundamental, and all other features that you need to make and edit your images and videos.

Kinemaster apk is an android application that can easily be installed on your smartphone. You can also download it on your PC or laptop because professionals use computers and laptops to edit their videos. They require a large screen such as a laptop or computer because it is easy to edit pictures and videos on a large screen compared to mobile phones.

As it is a user-friendly tool, any pro-editor or any beginner can still use it without any discomfort. Interestingly, it does not restrict its professional-level editing options so that you can use any of its features free of cost. You may download the Kinemaster MOD Apk Old Version for No Watermark on videos.

Unique Features of Kinemaster Apk

Create attractive videos

Kinemaster apk is a powerful editing tool that helps you create videos with stunning effects.

Trimming and editing

With the help of this app, you can trim your videos quickly, perfectly, and precisely from wherever you want. It is not about video editing or trimming only; it can also trim audio clips with sub-frame accuracy.

Preview analysis

 You can instantly watch the previews of your video when you start trimming. The advantage of this feature is that it will let you stay updated about how your video will look like when your editing will be done and spot the errors too.

Multiple layers support

It supports up to ten video layers along with unlimited text, images, and fonts. You can quickly adjust the timing and position of these layers owing to your will.

Different blending modes

To make videos look more attractive and enchanting, the various blending modes are provided for users. These blending modes can change the background or add other filters to your video to make it an incredible masterpiece.

Adjustment of speed

 With the speed control option, you can increase or decrease the speed of your video. It allows you to add slow motion or time-lapse effects to your video to make it quite expressive. This feature adds a professional look to your video.

Voice recording

You can also record the voice of your edited video with the help of this app. The particular voice recording feature of Kinemaster makes it one of the most fantastic video editing app that you will not be able to find anywhere else so easily.

Music addition

Addition of music to your videos while editing is the demanding and most used feature. You can add music to the background of your pictures and videos within no time.
Most interestingly, it provides you the option to select the music of your own choice.

Multi-level text

One of its unique qualities is having many sizes and fonts of text. By using this, You can write anything on your pictures or videos to make it more professional.


The contrast option helps you select either a bright look or a dull look in your pictures and videos.

High contrast will provide you a whole range of tones (from black to white), with dark shadows and bright lights. In contrast, Light contrast gives you a dull, smoggy, and muted look.

Brightness level

Brightness feature plays a vital role in making your image or video attractive. By using multiple brightness levels, you can make your videos captivating. If your image is eye-irritating, you can make it worth looking at by adjusting brightness to your desired level.


You can use hue to change the colorization of your picture while editing to change its look and feel.

3D transition

3D transition is the best feature of this app. You can easily convert your photo or video into three dimensions to make it more original and professional.

Chroma key

Professionals mainly use chroma key to make the background Green or sometimes Blue.

Multiple effects

You want to give unique and sober effects to your videos; this app helps you solve your problems. You can use various filters or effects to enhance the quality of videos.

Sticker collection

Kinemaster with a unique collection of stickers provides you more advantages. You can easily add stickers relating to your image or video theme.

Volume maintenance

Volume envelope is the mandatory option for any video editing. Using the volume option would be easy for you to increase or decrease the intensity of noise in the video.

Saving and sharing option

After making or editing your videos, you can easily save them or directly share them by clicking on the share option.

Kinemaster Apk Downloading Methods

If you have any tension regarding the installation of this tool, then You do not need to worry about how to download the Kinemaster apk. Below we will provide a detailed method for the Kinemaster Orignal Apk.
You can download this app on your androids. Professionals, movie makers, bloggers, etc., use this on PC because Movies editing requires PC for better results. Further, Kinemaster PC has better editing abilities and supports classic editing options. Below are the detailed methods to download Kinemaster either on your smartphones or your laptops.

Download Kinemaster Apk for Android

  • Click the link to download this app.
  • You can go to the App Store, search for the Kinemaster apk and then click the install option.
  • After its installation, agree to its policies and enjoy editing.

Download Kinemaster Apk for PC

To edit videos on PC, the very thing that is needed is pc video editing software. Other PC video editing software needs payment for its installation, but the Kinemaster Orignal Apk download is free with updated features.

There are two ways to download Kinemaster on your PC:

Steps to Download Kinemaster Apk for PC using Blue stacks

  • Download Bluestacks software from their official site.
  • Double click the blue stack file and follow the instruction for installation.
  • When the blue stack is installed, click on the Blue stack icon to start the emulator and then Sign in with a Gmail account.
  • Now open the Google Play store from your Blue stack.
  • Now search for Kinemaster.
  • Click the install button.
  • Wait for its installation for few minutes
  • After installation, open the app and edit your videos according to your own choice.

Steps to Download Kinemaster Apk for PC Using NOXplayer

  • From the official website, download the NOXplayer on your PC.
  • Open NOX app player, then sign in with your Gmail account.
  • Open Google play store, then search for the Kinemaster app and install

Activation of Kinemaster Pro PC

kinemaster pro apk download on pc

It is the advanced version of Kinemaster to remove watermarks from your videos.

To get the Kinemaster Pro PC app, you need to activate its Pro version to get lifetime pro support for editing. Once you subscribe to the Kinemaster premium, it gets renew until you unsubscribe it from google play.

 You can activate the Kinemaster Pro PC app by following the given steps:

  • Download Kinemaster video editor using above mentioned steps.
  • Now open it and go to its Setting Page.
  • Select the “My Information” tab from the setting page.
  • The subscribe to Kinemaster premium option will appear there.
  • Click and choose a plan for a Month or Year.
  • Then, you can buy the Premium version.


Is Kinemaster a Chinese app?

No, this app is introduced by a South Korean-based multimedia software company.

How can the Kinemaster watermark be removed to give a professional look to my video?

Kinemaster watermarks can easily be removed after activating its Premium Version by following the step mentioned above.

Does PC Kinemaster software downloading require payment?

No, unlike other software, it is totally free and relatively easy to install.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Kinemaster Apk is a fully-featured professional video editor. It beautifies your videos by providing you multiple features. Further adding frames to videos through Kinemaster gives a sober and decent look to videos or images.

As children also use such types of tools, it is designed to use it easily and quickly. In addition to this, this app is fully secured and safe to use. Must download the updated version of the tool to enjoy the best editing of your video content.