Kinemaster Apk Without Watermark 2022 Free Download

kinemaster apk without watermark

For a mobile application that is compatible with both smartphones and tablets and free of charge, KineMaster apk without watermark  provides reliable advanced features. A lot of people want this app to be accessible on PC. However, it is not uncommon to face difficulty during the installation and download process, especially when switching between a mobile App and a PC App.are you look for kinemaster latest apk

Kinemaster is a video editing app that is one of the most popular solutions for all your video editing problems.It is a fantastic video editing tool that provides a more straightforward interface with many sophisticated capabilities packed into a small app.

It is compatible with all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PC most prominently. Instagrammers, YouTubers, and other socially active people use this tool to give a punch to their video editing skills.We have gathered some information for an easy setup to help you download and install the KineMaster APK without watermark and with watermark.

Overview Of Kinemaster Apk Without Watermark

KineMaster is a highly sophisticated video editing APK for PC and has capabilities for full-fledged media production. The app is initially compatible with smartphones, especially IOS devices and Android, yet many people want to use it on their PC.  While there is no standalone version of KineMaster for PC, a solution allows you to use KineMaster on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or Mac. you can also check our kinemaster mod apk as well. However, it is operable on any operating system, most often associated with the Windows operating system.

Numerous applications provide the flexibility of editing and sharing on the same device simultaneously to a lesser or greater extent. However, KineMaster gives you the most straightforward interface, even for a novice, and offers premium features to nourish your video editing skills and impressively depict your work. It becomes more convenient to have this Apk on a PC to provide you with a bigger screen to explore video editing possibilities on the PC with KineMaster no watermark APK.

Additional Information

App NameKineMasterPro
Download Size118 MB
Minimum RequirementAndroid 5.0 +
CategoryVideo Editor, Video Maker
AuthorKineMaster Corporation
CompatabilityAndroid, iPhone/iPad, Web-based deployment, Cloud Hosted
Customer TypesSmall Business, Large Enterprises, Medium BusinessFreelancers
Functional FeaturesMultiple Layers, Themes, Effects, Speed Control, Adjustments, Music, Overlays, Stickers, Frame-by-Frame Trimming, Instant Preview, Audio Filters, Volume Envelope, Animation Styles, Transition Effects, Realtime Recording, convenient Social Media sharing

Key Features

KineMaster APK has various outstanding features that make it a must-have application for your video editing needs. It offers a range of basic to advanced features to ease in work for beginners and professional video editors. Have a look at some of the distinguishing features.

Key Features of kinemaster without watermark apk


KineMaster Apk Without Watermark has a thoughtful interface design. It makes use of the images stored in your device’s camera roll. In a single session, you have the option of adding as many clips as you like. Moreover, you can rearrange already imported clips for your convenience.It is important to note that the video clip will overlap if put underneath it rather than above it, so be careful to position your video clips.

The Action Barhas various tools based on the selection in the Timeline. Furthermore, you can also import material, record a voice-over, get access to your device’s camera, build additional layers for different kinds of overlays, add music, and access the KineMasterasset store via the Media Panel.

Video Editing

KineMaster Apk Without Watermark provides the ultimate video editing experience not restricted to mobile devices or desktop computers. It enables individuals to be more creative and continue working on their ideas even while they move. Professionals and novices alike will benefit from this APK’s access to produce stunning clips with various effects.

Multi-Layered Videos

KineMaster Apk Without Watermark is capable of supporting many layers of movies, audio, texts, pictures, handwriting, and other media types, among others. Moreover, you can regulate transition features to a precise degree allowing the editors to create effects with minimal effort.

Adjustment Tools

This APK allows users to adjust the hue, brightness, or other parameters in the application to create a consistent atmosphere for the videos. For instance, if the user does not like how the video depicts the captured video, you can readily change the lighting in the video.

Real-Time Recording

Kinemaster Apk Without Watermark allows you to record voice and video in real-time without having to leave the application. In this way, users canmake quick changes to their videos without waiting for the capturing process to can also check our kinemaster diamond mod apk Similar functionality is available for audio files, allowing users to create additional tracks as well.

Social Media Sharing

The KineMasterApk is ideal for publishers, YouTube and Instagram influencers, students, and marketers, as well as anyone who appreciates showing their creativity on a global stage. Since you can post your film on social media platforms directly from the video editing platform, enabling them to reach their fans more quickly.

Transitions and effects

When it comes to transitions, KineMaster APK makes it very simple to incorporate them into your video. However, this is only doable on the Primary Timeline. It is also available via the Media Pane. Additionally, effects may be applied to layers in the Timeline and put beneath other levels in the Timeline.

Subscription Advantage

When you have completed working on your project, it is time to submit it for publication. Select the Frame Rate and the Quality you want, and then tap on ‘Export’ to save your work. You will see that the top right corner of your finished movie has a tiny “Made with KINEMASTER” watermark, which you may remove.  Purchase of a membership is required to get access to better quality exports and access to an extensive collection of premium effects.

Additional Advance Feature

When compared to other video editing software, the KineMaster PC application outperforms them all. We have included a few of the most advance and essential features, following editing choices.

Additional Advance Feature of kinemaster no watermark

KineMaster Projects

Pre-built projects may be downloaded and customized to meet your specific requirements.


Blending modes are helpful if you want to alter how a clip on an extra layer interacts with the layers below it. Furthermore, blending modes such as overlay, multiply, soft light, harsh light, and so on will be essential, but there is little room for fine-tuning.

Chroma key

Additionally, there is an essential chroma function. When used to eliminate greenscreens, for instance, when presenting in front of a graphic backdrop, there are various choices for fine-tuning the effect at an advanced level.


KineMaster provides a wide range of resolutions, ranging from 360P to 4K at 60fps. However, you can only export the project in 4K UHD resolution without a watermark if you subscribe to the service. The KineMaster has recently introduced support for export in the 3:4, 4:3, 4:5, and 2.35:1 aspect ratio, project clone in a different aspect ratio, replace media (video/photo) files in the Timeline, and import and export of the project file format.

Video multilayer

Depending on the device and video quality, you can play up to 9 videos at the same time and edit and adjust them to create new video clips

Backup and Share

The file of your work saves as a ‘.Kine file’.You can always pick up your work from where you left and resume editing by simply choosing the ‘.kine file’ you saved earlier and start editing.


Using the reverse tool, KineMaster allows its user to turn time around to easily make focal shifts in camera transition and other video adjustments.

Asset Store

KineMaster assets store offers to download extra effects, like stickers, music, or animations.   There is no cost for some of these downloads, and you can just hit the download icon to get it. However, a few of these effects may require you to subscribe, and those that need a membership tend to be premium. You should check out each transition effect to make sure it is appropriate for your project and your pocketbook before spending any money.

KineMasterAPK for Computer/PC/Laptop

KineMaster provides professional-level control over the editing process on supported devices for both professionals and novices. You can perform stunning edits, movements, and animations on your editing tools on a PC. Although, you can use professional video editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom, etc. But these kinds of professional apps are very costly and challenging to use for the average user.

Downloading and Installation Guide of KineMaster for PC with Emulator

Here are simple steps for PC users to download KineMaster.

Step 1. Download Android Emulator on your PC (Computer). BlueStacks and Nox are widely used emulators which are considered top Android Emulators. You may download any other Android emulator as well.

Step 2. Open play store, and search for KineMaster App.

Step 3. Install the app by clicking on the ‘install’ button.

Step 4. Once installed, open KineMaster App.

Step 5. Set the required parameters when prompted.

Step 6. Now you are ready to perform all the edits on your PC. you can check our kinemaster mod apk old version as well

Furthermore, if you do not have the Play Store app, you may manually install the App package as a KineMaster APK.

Download Kinemaster for PC without Emulator

If you want to install Kinemaster on a PC without using an emulator such as Bluestacks or NOX, you will find itpretty impossible. Initially, Kinemasteruses only Android and iOS mobile devices, so it does not have a Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or Mac standalone version.

Using KineMaster on PC Without Watermark

To download and install the KineMastersoftware on your PC without any watermarks on the exported projects, you have to pay for the premium edition of Kinemaster or install the Full Unlocked KM App. You may purchase the Kinemaster Premium app by installing it from Google Play Store and purchasing a subscription. The premium app is called KineMaster Pro.

However, that is not the only way. You can always install the KineMaster Unlocked App on your PC after downloading and installing an Android Emulator. With all the capabilities enabled, you may begin editing the videos without worrying about watermarks on the video after editing.

PC Requirements to Run KineMaster

To run Android emulators on your PC/laptop following configuration is required on your PC. There are  few prerequisites to the installation of this Apk

  • Windows operating system should be at least seven or above
  • The computer should have 2 GB of RAM (usually more than 2GB is preferable).
  • 5 GB of disc space is required for KineMaster installation.
  • Good internet connection for downloading KineMaster and Emulator.
  • Good graphics card support on your PC for better effects.

You can install Android emulators and fully utilize KineMaster if and only if you had all the prerequisites mentioned above on your PC.

How to Activate Kinemaster Pro on PC

KineMaster Pro is a more advanced version of the KineMasterApk without a watermark and all features unlocked.   If you wish to edit videos like a professional, you must first remove the KineMaster watermark from the videos that you have exported. Using the Kinemaster Pro edition, you will get lifelong professional assistance and access to the most up-to-date advanced video editing features.

It is possible to export movies in 4K quality while using Kinemaster pro on a PC since there is no watermark on the video when using this application. KineMaster’s pro edition provides access to numerous additional features, so be sure to activate it by following the procedures outlined below.

Using the procedure listed below, you will be able to get the Kinemaster PC without a watermark for a lifetime.

  • Download the KineMasterApk from the Google play store or the official KineMaster website. If you are using a PC, ensure that the Pc has already installed an android emulator.
  • Run the KineMasterApk on your PC.
  • Go to the settings page from the bottom menu
  • Select “My Information” from the setting page.
  • There click the “Subscribe to KineMaster Premium” option
  • Click and choose the plan, either monthly or yearly.

Here you can activate or buy the KineMaster Premium version using your bank details.

Final Verdict

KineMaster is a competent video editing APK that has an intelligent layout with a straightforward interface. You can outperform complicated tasks with relative simplicity best suiting to your needs.  While KineMaster is mainly a mobile application designed for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices, if you have an Android emulator, such as BlueStacks or NOX, you may download and use this tool on your Windows PC as a desktop application.

The simple-to-use software enables you to create several layers over your videos, allowing you to modify them without affecting the original clip in any way. Additional capabilities include the ability to precisely trim and reduce the clip’s duration, the ability to add multiple audio tracks, 3D transitions, and much more.

Kinemaster is a comprehensible video editing tool that allows its users to edit their video recordings easily. This software is jam-packed with new advanced tools that will enable you to edit videos like an expert. The option of downloading either the free or the premium edition of the Kinemaster software depends on your preferences. It is a great video editing tool for both amateurs and experts, and it is entirely free.

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